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Rental Application

Instructions: Each adult occupant must complete separate forms. Prior to taking possession of an apartment, identification and proof of a valid Social Security Number or U.S. Visa will be required.

Applicant Information

Residential History

If you currently rent, or have rented in the past two years, please complete the remainder of this section.

Employment History

Financial Information

Vehicle Information

Other Information

Approval of this application is based on the verification of the information provided. Resident MUST have a co-signer if he/she has not been employed full-time for at least one year. If a co-signer is required, the application will not be approved until the co-signer’s application is also approved. Failure to provide a co-signer if required is grounds for eviction. Upon receipt of a pre-deposit, an apartment will be held for the applicant until the application has been reviewed. If the application is approved, the pre-deposit will be applied to the security/damage deposit. If the application is not approved, the pre-deposit paid will be returned, and the rental agreement signed by the applicant will be void.

The undersigned states that the information given in this application is true and correct. The Landlord is authorized to verify the information and obtain a credit report and/or conduct a criminal and background investigation in order to approve the application as well as at any time throughout the duration of the lease. The undersigned agrees that the Landlord may terminate any agreement entered into based upon reliance on any statements made above which are untrue. Such termination may be made at any time during the lease period.

Sign below to acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above terms of this application.